Open House Church
A community of Christian young adults in Basingstoke


Welcome to church


Hi There!

Open House is a community of young adults that want to draw closer to God and build community with one another. We meet every Wednesday evening to share a meal together and celebrate life with Jesus.

Anyone is welcome, whether you are a Christian or just looking to make friends within Basingstoke. 


Who are we?

We are group of young adults in Basingstoke who want to see people lives transformed. Our strong emphasis is on community in all that we do, because we believe that is what God intended for us all, and in the 2019 it's needed more than ever.

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What do we do?

We meet every Wednesday night where we share a meal together for the first half of the evening, to catch up, and build relationships. Then, we spend time hearing from a speaker, in prayer, or worship. Outside of our regular Wednesday meetups we also have socials, with events happening regularly through the year.


How can I come along?

Well that's the easy part! Simply fill out a contact form below and we'll send you a message with details of where the next event is taking place.

We believe in creating a safe and non judgemental space for all people, so please feel comfortable coming along no matter what your situation is.